Freshmen Fall 2023 Housing Sign-ups

Sign the application and contract - beginning November 28 at 3pm

Roommate selection - beginning December 12

You will have the option to put in a specific roommate or search for someone who is compatible.  If you choose to search for a roommate, you can take time to talk to them and decide if you will be a good match prior to confirming the request.

Room selection - February 9

95% of our rooms are the two person semi-suite, one bathroom design.  Your access to select your room will be done as a lottery with your position determined by the date and time of application submission beginning on February 9.  Students will be able to select any standard room available even if they do not have a roommate to fill the space.  Understand, we will be consolidating and matching students so your room number may change throughout the months leading up to opening.  Always refer back to myPennWest for your current housing assignment as it may change if your room is not filled.

For the small amount of non-standard room types (anything with single bedrooms – quads, 2 single rooms, and single rooms) will be assigned by waitlist.  The waitlist will be available in myPennWest beginning February 9.  You can select a standard room for yourself as a back up and also do a waitlist request. If you are selected for one of the non-standard room types, we will notify you in your PennWest student email.