Payment Plans

Spring 2024 Payment Plans

Summer 2024 Payment Plans

Our payment plans are designed to help students and their families budget the cost of tuition and fees by spreading payments over the course of the semester. You still owe the same amount of tuition, but you now have more time to pay and your payments are smaller and more manageable.

During a regular semester, the payment plans are divided into monthly or bi-weekly payments of the total charges for the semester, minus any financial aid. A non-refundable payment plan fee of $40 per semester will be charged to your student account.  Any change to an installment plan must have prior approval of the Student Accounts office.  PLEASE NOTE - Due dates CANNOT be changed.  Students may adjust payment methods but cannot cancel payment plans. In the event that you need to cancel the payment plan, please e-mail at least 5 business days prior to the due date.  Please note that a late fee will be assessed on the remaining balance of the payment plan. If financial aid is awarded after the payment plan has been set up, you must continue to make regular payments until the aid is applied and the balance is paid in full.  Your budget will adjust accordingly for payments received on your account.

The payments are automatically withdrawn on your due date.  A late fee of $15 will be incurred each month for late payments and will result in a registration hold on the student's account.

**Two late payments will result in cancelation of the payment plan.**

Once registered for the payment plan, installment reminders will be sent to the student’s PennWest email and to authorized users monthly; no paper statements will be generated.  All payments will be automatically drawn from the payment method set up.

** Repeated default payments on payment plans will result in the payment plan no longer being an eligible payment option and we will prohibit your access to the plan.**

Credit Card Convenience Fee:  2.95% (subject to change) for domestic cards and 4.25% for international cards

Monthly Late Fee:  $15 (charged after 5 days)

Return Check Fee:  $30 (subject to change)

Register for the Payment Plan Online:

Students - Visit myPennWest, click on “Student Accounts Portal” and then click the “Enroll in Payment Plan” button.

Authorized Users - Parents and guests must first be authorized by students to use the above mentioned online payment plan options.  Students can complete this authorization online via their myPennWest account in their Student Account Portal.  Students can add an Authorized User on their account by clicking on the Authorized User block under My Profile Setup.  

Employer paying part or all of your education?  Please click here for more information on employer deferment.

If you have questions please contact us at:


Phone number: 1-800-672-7171 opt #2