Housing FAQs

Packing List

Housing General FAQs

Should I have renters’ insurance?
How do I get my Student ID?

Housing Application and Room Selection FAQs

Application and Portal

why am i receiving an error when i try to log into the housing and dining portal?

Roommate Matching

why can't i find my preferred roommate in the roommate search engine?
how do i add more to my roommate matching profile?
how do i find a roommate if i do not have someone specific in mind?
why am i not seeing many results when completing the roommate matching questionnaire?
what do i do when i have reached out to people and they have not responded?

Room Selection

what should i do if i am ready to pick a room, but my preferred roommates have not yet submitted their housing application?
why are my matched roommates not being pulled into the room we are trying to select?
what if i do not have a roommate request, but am okay living with someone i do not yet know?
i am a transfer student: can i live in upperclassman housing?
how do i obtain the room type i want?
how can i pick a single room?
what if i cannot find the room type i want?
what do i need to do to receive a housing accommodation for a medical need?
what is a living learning community (LLC)?
when can i change rooms?
how do i change rooms?
when is the deadline to apply for housing?
when is the deadline to select my room?