Diploma Handling

Diplomas will be confirmed after all grades are posted and, if applicable to the program, comprehensive/oral exams results are received and final copies of these are submitted.

All graduation requirements must be completed and any course with a grade of Incomplete or In Progress must be changed to a letter grade before a degree can be granted. Also, all transfer credits must be received and recorded.

All holds and outstanding balances must be cleared from the record before a diploma can be ordered. Processing time for ordering a diploma will depend on when the next diploma order is submitted. Holds include any financial obligations to the University, including fees, parking tickets, third-party loans, keys returned to Public Safety and the completion of the Perkins Exit interview.

Diplomas bear the name of the degree (ex. Bachelor of Science), last date of the term (not the day of the commencement ceremony) and academic honors (ex. Summa Cum Laude). Diplomas do not include majors or minors, however that is reflected on the academic transcript.

Diplomas will be mailed to students who have been cleared for graduation 4-6 weeks after grades are processed.

Duplicate Diploma Ordering

Please complete the Duplicate Diploma Order Form and upload to our secure FTP site via this link.

The typical turnaround time is 6-8 weeks. Processing time will vary depending on when a request and payment is received.


You must enter the name you would like to show on the diploma. If this field is left blank then the name on your current student record will be the name listed on the diploma.