Graduation Application Process

Graduation is not automatic. All students must apply to graduate for all programs (including certificates) they are completing via myPennWest, then Application for Graduation in the Student Profile. All students, whether intending on participating in the commencement ceremony or not must apply to graduate. Only degree seeking students are invited to attend the commencement ceremony.

Students who have not applied by the posted graduation application deadline may not be listed in the official commencement program or related materials.  

Please see the following instructions on how to apply to graduate.  

  • Applications are available online through myPennWest.
  • Applications are due by March 15, 2024 for spring graduates. After this deadline, names may not be able to be updated in the commencement program and the awarding of the diploma may be delayed.
  • Verify completion of graduation requirements with your advisor.  If any requirements are unsatisfied on your degree audit, work with your advisor to submit any remaining paperwork.
  • Review and resolve any holds. Holds can be viewed through the Student Profile.
  • If applicable, complete the Perkins loan exit interview with the Office of Financial Aid:
  • If the student is completing two (2) or more degrees, students must apply to graduate for each degree (one at a time).      
  • Keep an eye out for communications from the Office of the Registrar about important information about graduation and commencement.  

Students should become acquainted with the graduation requirements noted below for their program of study. Students are responsible for meeting all graduation requirements and for submitting all required forms on time. Graduation may be delayed if a student's record is incomplete.

BEFORE APPLYING ONLINE: Please be aware of the graduation requirements AND the following information before completing the graduation application:

  • Students can only graduate from programs for which they have declared.  If on the Student Profile or on the application that a major, minor or concentration is not listed, please reach out to the Office of the Registrar at
  • Only those students who have met all of the requirements to graduate at the end of the semester should apply to graduate for that term.
  • Diploma Name: PennWest will default to your Legal Name if you do not indicate a diploma name when applying for graduation. The application will allow students to record a preferred or middle name if desired.  If your name has legally changed and is different than what is in MyPennWest, please complete and submit a student information change form to change your name.
  • Diploma Address:  The address that is listed on the graduation application is your permanent address. This is the address that the diploma will be mailed.  If the diploma should be mailed to another address, students can indicate that on the application.  This does not update the student address in the database.      
  • Diploma Content:  Diplomas bear the name of your degree (ex. Bachelor of Science), latin honors (if earned) and last date of the term (not the day of the commencement ceremony).  Diplomas do not include your majors,     concentrations or minors. Your academic transcript will include all majors, minors, and academic honors.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The name entered on the graduation application will be used throughout all graduation and commencement materials and documentation, including on the diploma(s) and in the commencement program. Please be aware that if the graduate changes their name after the production of the diploma there is an additional cost associated with reproduction of the diploma. Additionally, the commencement program cannot be edited at any point after the application deadline.

Official University transcripts will only include the legal name as it is listed in the PennWest student information system.


  • Clearance of Outstanding Debts/Obligations: Students should resolve all incomplete grades, outstanding hold related to financial issues, including paying parking tickets, returning library books, borrowed equipment, and completing the Federal Stafford Loan Exit Counseling Interview, (if applicable). This must be finalized before graduation (approximately 3 weeks) to prevent any delays with the graduation process. Students will be notified with any graduation clearance issues via PennWest email.      

If there is a hold related to outstanding bills or debts please contact:


If there is a hold related to financial aid, please contact the financial aid office:

  • Diplomas/Transcripts: Diplomas and final transcripts will be available once all degree requirements have been verified AND any outstanding obligations and debts have been cleared, approximately six to eight weeks after the end of this term. Diplomas will be mailed to the permanent address listed in the student record system.
  • Academic Honors at Graduation requirements: Latin honors are awarded at graduation to baccalaureate degree-seeking students who have attempted and earned at least 30 credits at Pennsylvania Western University and achieved the required cumulative GPA. Please review the policy for more detailed information.

Questions about graduation? Please email